All of our Stud Services are guaranteed. If the bitch does not get pregnant, a stud service will be given to the same bitch at the time of her next heat. All our French Bulldogs are registered with the AKC, DNA’d and are artificially inseminated. None of our males have natural intercourse at any time, nor do they ever try. This protects the male from any sexually transmitted diseases and this assures you that your female is safe.

All of our males have champion bloodlines and are very handsome. If you would like to come and see one of our boys in person, feel free to give us a call. We can ship semen overnight.

French Bulldog Oscar is from the champion bloodline. He has a perfect body, where is no fat to find out. He weights 23.5LB. His first litter was of 11 puppies. In addition, our veterinarian told us, that his sperm is for a tree batches at once.

The cost of the stud service is $1500.00.