Home raised standard, rare, blue and lilac French Bulldog puppies

About us

Family ownedhome raised and registered with AKC French Bulldog Breeders. Our goal is to breed high and our best quality puppies. It is very important for us to have very well socialized and well nourished French Bulldog puppies. We believe in an organic food for our dogs. The food is essential!


We focus on excellence that has driven us from the beginning, and continues to inspire us into the future. All is to achieving an excellent representative of the breed, of the good health without any congenital or genetic health issues. We want all of our puppies to lead an active and happy life with their forever families. Our goal is to be the most reputable breeder of the French bulldog in the country. Our adults and our puppies are AKC registers with premium DNA conformation of its best quality.

We are specializing with breeding rare and exotic colors including standard, blue, tan, silver, blue pied, black, lilac, and chocolate of the French bulldogs.

Our French Bulldogs are AKC registered which are available in Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia, Washington DC. Shipping is available to different states in USA, as well.


AKC registered

By picking up your puppy you will receive a packet with all of his or her paperwork. Inside the packet you will find our Health Guarantee/Sales contract, Immunization Record, AKC paperwork, current vaccines record and vet Examination.



Our puppies price range from a standard French bulldog from $3500 to $4000.
Our rare color puppies range from $5500 & Up.
Our tan French bulldog range from $7000 & Up.
Lilac is the most expensive – it starts from $12000 & up.

Pricing is determined at 4-6 weeks of the age. We determine price based on DNA, Color, Gender, Body Build and Health. For breeding rights Additional price will apply !!!!!


We will personally hand deliver puppies to our client at their nearest major airport. Other option is by using our qualifying nanny. There is an additional courier fee within United States; all fees are based on airline flight fare.

Stud service

All of our Stud Services are guaranteed. If the bitch does not get pregnant, a stud service will be given to the same bitch at the time of her next heat. The third time free insemination is not available. The shipping cost is always pay by a bitch owner. All our French Bulldogs are registered with the AKC. None of our males have any natural intercourse at any time, nor they do ever try. This protects the male from any sexually transmitted diseases and this assures you that your female is safe.

All of our males have champion bloodlines and are very handsome and with good DNA. If you would like to come and see one of our boys in person, feel free to give us a call. We can ship semen overnight.

French Bulldog Oscar is from the champion bloodline. He has a perfect body, where is no fat to find on him. He weights 23.5LB. His first litter was of 11 puppies. In addition, our veterinarian told us, that his sperm is for a tree batches at once. Our stud lilac has an exotic color.

The cost of the standard stud service is $1500.00.
The cost of the lilac stud service is $3000.00.

Shipping cost is $150.00 per each shipping.