Puppies upcoming news

If puppies have quality milk from mom, it will show on mom’s and puppies’ coats. The coat will be shiner and thicker in our touch.

Distinctive and unique lilac french bulldog

Some of the most sought after and rare colors in our litters are variation of lilac. It is combination of chocolate and diluted blue that creates a unique and beautiful pastel blue color.

Food for french bulldogs puppies

We should focus on a proper diet and quality food. We prefer cooked and organic chicken, beef, fish, and organic eggs with freshly cooked rise. Clearly, dry food has many chemicals and can’t be used in first 2 years, which tells us, it has a lot of many dangerous preservatives.

French bulldogs health & fitness

Frenchies are short and flat nose, they can have some breathing problems and they are not doing well in hot temperatures. French bulldog doesn’t requires a lot of exercises.

French bulldog rare colors

Black, sable, tan, pied, blue, chocolate, platinum, lilac lilac and chocolate are most expensive and are not often seen dark blue sable a fairly rare color for the frenchies, as it is as one the most beautiful, is the dark blue sable for a fact, a rare and highly popular color is resulting from a gine, which is naturaly occuring but less common in french bulldogs